It’s time.


Using a sleek modern chair as visual inspiration, I’m reconstructing a world that is simpler, streamlined and lovely.

It’s no easy task. Frankly, I’d rather take out my own spleen with an oyster fork than declutter the garage…but (sigh) I know what I have to do….and I’m well aware that the declutter part is only the top layer of this journey.

I’ve been churning on this for awhile in my very colorful, complicated life. I do love the color in this vida loca, but I’ve also been craving some serious white space.

I will be looking at simplifying my wardrobe, design in my home, diet and fitness, and most importantly…family life. I am determined to temper the ridiculous schedule we’ve been maintaining. There has to be another way and I’m ready to find it!

Our family has found a wonderful escape in the form of a silver bullet we call The Twinkie.


Our Airstream has already brought a great deal of adventure and fun into our lives. It will be a blast to show what on-the-open-road excursions can do for one’s state of mind….as well as squabbling siblings.

You can read more about my ever-evolving tale of suburban woe here.

‘Looking forward to sharing what I’m learning and what is inspiring this quest! I’m also ready to hear what works for you in your journey.


 **A major shout-out and hearty thank you to the following smart humans who have led the way…I’m so grateful I found your message**

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The Minimalists

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4 thoughts on “It’s time.

    • A switchover was percolating for months and I had a dream about the title on Friday night…little dog-with-a-bone that I am, I spent most of the football games on Sat. hammering away on the laptop 🙂 Miss and love you guys! oxox L

  1. Must be a God thing. I too have been feeling the tug. Not the silver bullet tug, but the “get it together and wow do we have a lot of stuff – time to declutter” tug. I am currently reading through “I Used To Be So Organized” by Glynnis Whitwer and God is using her to hit this nail on the head. I just signed up to follow you here too. Looking forward to where you take us. Mindy

    • Hey, Mindy! so glad you’re here. The tugging has been more of a dragging me along lately 🙂 Sadly, I never was super organized, but the Goodwill guys do know me by name now. Let’s do this thing together! Lara

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