Small House ~ Big Style III

5 Things from 1989 to better my life


Anyone feel anxiety at the mall?

3 Tools to help you realize goals and find contentment

On my SIMPLICITY radar

How I overcame obstacles on the road to simplicity


7 Things I would tell my 10-year-old self

4 life-saving steps when dealing with Big Change

5 Ways to engage your inner hobbyist (without the stuff that goes with it)

4 Steps to overcome life’s obstacles & live your dream

4 Priceless benefits of spontaneous family road trips

On my SIMPLICITY radar


5 Design tricks to create simplicity in your home

The top 10 tips I’ve learned from minimalists

Who else fantasizes about living in a tiny house?

Why I never use the word BALANCE

3 Ways for you family to Zag while the world Zigs

March 2014

Searching for Courage in all the right places

On my simplicity radar

4 Questions for the chronic volunteer

The secret to raising happy, well-balanced kids

4 Ways to make family travel a priority

This week on my Simplicity radar

February 2014

Project 333 ~ My Closet Struggle

On my Simplicity Radar: New Books, Documentaries & Blogs

Project Enough ~ How to reach contentment in five personal projects

5 Things to do to help your kids declutter

January 2014

Simplified food and fitness/TheWhole30

The Stuff Dilemma

It’s time…the beginning of this journey.


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