Project 333 ~ My closet struggle


It’s a closet Johnny Cash would feel comfortable with. Minus the jeggings and striped pink sweater.

Have you ever seen so much black on one shelf?

So after reading about Project 333 for months now, I finally body-checked my resistance and started some serious sorting and pitching. My beloved calls this “playing closet”. It’s a quirky thing, but I only felt comfortable pulling the essentials out with all of my other clothes staying put on the left side…with a sheet over them…Casper-style. Yes, it looks like I’ve got a shower stall in there, but the whole point is that I can’t see them, right? Out of sight (or under sheet), out of mind.

It really does feel a lot more relaxed getting dressed in the morning. I can see what can mix and match so much easier, and I’m not overwhelmed with a sea of color and patterns. It’s no surprise that black dominates here, and I have the accusing teens to prove it..”Maaa-ooom, you look funeral bound 80% of the time!” Oh, well. It’s slimming, chic, doesn’t show our dog’s hair, and I happen to really like Johnny Cash.

I perused people’s wardrobe capsules while trolling online for Project 333 inspiration, and I found that many of them were just too monochromatic or one-color-heavy. The Northwest is a dark and rainy place…I’m desperate for many colors…like Joseph and his fancy dreamcoat. I have my Frenchie days where I just want to wear my BlackbootsBlackDressBlackcardigan. Then there are the days that only a bright multicolored sweater and sparkly Converse will do. It’s just. enough. variety.

I’m feeling like I should have done this long ago! Looking forward to the ease of having my wardrobe be an uncomplicated activity.

If you’re taking this project on, I’d love to hear how it’s going!

* * *


Hoo-boy! Hardest thing I’ve ever done, eating-wise. I’m doin’ it, though and following the darn rules. It started February 10th.

The positives:

-Skin is clear and a bit glowey…really enjoying that

-Bloat is gone and although theWhole30 folks recommend not measuring/weighing oneself until Day 31, I believe I’ve lost some cm in the waist

The Sugar Dragon is close to being kicked to the curb (don’t test me with gummy cokes, though…they’re a weakness)

-I discovered that alcohol does not need to play a part in my nightly ritual

The negatives:

-I’ve been cranky and short with my offspring

-I had a couple of days where emotions took over and I felt a bit out-of-body, and not in a good way

-My energy didn’t go up to the high level it is now until Day 18

-I experienced the “kill all things” stage for one day too long

*Looking forward to eating a bowl of Kashi (of all things!) on the 11th. Even though my spouse thinks it “tastes like the front yard”, I miss my sticks and twigs.*

Have a wonderful week, friends!



10 thoughts on “Project 333 ~ My closet struggle

  1. It’s tough stuff, but when you get to the end, you will look back and be so proud of your accomplishment and amazed at what you have learned about your body and the food-mind connection! Thank you for being an example for us all!

    • I’m so glad we have been on this journey together. It really helped to read your thoughts about the process a few days ahead of where I was. So glad we met, JoNell! You are a gem. ox

  2. I like the look of your simplified wardrobe – still enough colour in it not to be dreary yet lots of flexibility. I hope you enjoy the project, I found it was great. My wardrobe (except shoes and jackets) now permanently can fit into a single suitcase as I enjoyed the freedom and ease it gave me so much!

    I love how chic some capsule wardrobes look in greys and blacks but I just can’t live like that. I’ve found by keeping my bottom halves simple I can play with colour a lot more the top. Generally for me it’s red, mustard or navy but a bit of pink and mint green have snuck in. Life’s to short to wear head to toe black all the time!

    • I’m so glad it’s been positive for you. Funny, I pride myself on only taking a small carry-on when going to Hawaii. It’s so freeing—especially knowing that I’ll wear so few items when I get there (part of Hawaii’s charm!). I’m a color girl, like you and have really worked on adding red in there—it matches my personality πŸ˜‰ Thanks for reading the blog, Gemma! Best, Lara

  3. having just cleaned out my cupboard and washed every thing in it, I’m thinking now would be a good time to try project 333. I find I don’t really wear what is is my wardrobe even though some things are quite nice. In someways i think it might help me expand my wardrobe!

    • I think it really does help to expand the possibilities of clothing combos when you make it smaller. I’m finding that’s the case for me. I get all excited when I see that there are multiple things I can pair with my gray pants, which I usually am tempted to top with black πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by the blog, Heather! Best to you-Lara

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