On my SIMPLICITY radar



Lara, meet your local libary. Library, meet Lara.

How awesome is not paying for books?! I’m realizing I’m late to this party, but I didn’t realize how many titles are available. I used to buy so many books used on Amazon and this was not helping my clutter problem. I put the library search catalog on my phone home screen and when I come across a book I want to read, I plunk in the title. Most of them are available in our county system and I can place a hold on a book. It will be sent to my local branch to be picked up and I will get an email alerting its arrival. I love this! This process also forces me to actually finish a book in a timely manner because there’s a due date. How convenient is it for you to stake a claim in your own local library?

* * *

Speaking of books, I had a skyscraper-ish stack next to my lawn chair when we had some downtime in the Twinkie a few weekends ago. Here are some of my current favorites:



1) Great advice from Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel. We are smack in the middle of teaching our kids about budgeting and this book helped.  

2) Love Jon Acuff’s humor and love his outlook about just beginning already. Great words from someone who’s been there.

3) Tsh is a favorite blogger and now a writer I admire. Her story is exciting & amazing, but the practicality of her wise words is applicable to any life.

4) This is an oldie, but goodie. Pierce chronicles the stories of people on their simplicity quest, with lots of little tidbits helpful for the rest of us.

* * *

If this video doesn’t make you want to jump in your portable house and just GO, I don’t know what will. Trying really hard not to covet this fellow Airstream-loving family on their adventure:

Tomorrow Somewhere New from Dark Rye on Vimeo.

* * *


SimpleREV is happening October 3-4 for “simple living enthusiasts and advocates”. ‘Wish I could go. Next best thing, though, is reading the blog and listening to Dan and Joel on their SimpleRev podcast. They’re just so darn likable.


* * *


This thing is rocking my smoothie-loving world. I simplified my diet by eating mostly raw foods–some of which are blended each day. I am in LOVE with this thing. I didn’t realize how much I was missing with my blender. Ahhh…the bliss of completely pulverized spinach (no chunks!).

I’ve also been stocking what I call the Food Pharmacy Drawer in my kitchen. These foods are tasty and have helped my tummy and energy level. I”m a believer in being healed with good food.


This is a great site for green smoothie info. Good new recipes too!

* * *


Also enjoying having these bars for my emergency paleo snacks when I’m out and about. A little spendy, so I hoard them for special occasions–but nice to have at the ready nonetheless.

* * *

I hope you’re having a lovely spring, friends. The sun has arrived in the Northwest and I am one happy camper!


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8 thoughts on “On my SIMPLICITY radar

  1. I didn’t know about Notes from a Blue Bike. Thank you!
    A couple of years ago, I bought a blue bike (it’s periwinkle, actually) and riding it is one of my favorite simple pleasures. Now I must read the book.

  2. We have a similar system in UK libraries, and it is brilliant. I rarely want to read a novel twice, and I often borrow non fiction (sewing is my business and hobby) before I buy to check I really want to own them. Thank you for the recommendations.

  3. Great tips Lara. I’ve always been a hug fan of libraries, and ever since we simplified they’ve become even more important. When we lived in Asheville, NC the library had an entire collection of framed art work that was on loan – just like books or DVDs. It was so fun to go in each week and select a few new pieces of art to hang and enjoy. How cool is that! ~Terri

  4. Some months I can read up to 10 books. I’d never be able to do that if I had to buy them, even at a discount. We get movies there, too. Thank goodness for my library!

  5. I love the library! (books, DVDs, e-books right to my kindle app on my ipad) You’d be surprised how many new books and DVDs are available. I rarely browse the stacks for something new, preferring to browse online, reserve a book, then pick it up at the library counter. All the librarians know my name and when they see me enter the library, they turn to get my books from the shelf. I love my librarians – they’re a kind, thoughtful, funny group! Thanks for mentioning the books. They look good! Just put a couple of them on hold at my library 🙂

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