Who else fantasizes about living in a tiny house?


I believe I’ve found it.


…only available in Spain, of course.


(The rest is here at JestsonGreen)

The perfect big-windowed simple house to plunk down in a field of sage brush. Light galore and rooms big enough to be alone. Perfection.

* * *



You have two kids, two dogs, a busy husband and a lovely home in the country. How is this kind of small house fantasy even helpful at all?

I guess this is the practical part of this series.

I do a lot of daydreaming. My husband would tell you this. My kids would definitely agree that I dream out loud. Lately, though, I’ve been keeping the small house dream locked away deep inside. Honestly, I think it would freak out anyone related to me if they knew what I was thinking.

I get it.

It’s not practical.

We just built a barn, for crying out loud…we are not going anywhere (for now…in five years…who knows?). I realize this, yet my internet wandering rests with Kirsten Dirksen, who whets my appetite for small dwellings with style (thank you, Dan, for the link!). Tiny house books are creeping into my bookshelf, hiding behind cookbooks and giant photography anthologies. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I’m betting it has something to do with a desire for a drastic change during a time of steady progress into a simpler life.

I know the answer to my change-loving, wanderlust-prone heart’s questions:


With prayers of gratitude, I scoop in all the contentment I can muster into the crevices so desire and wonder can’t fill them with not-right-now visions. I find that fantasizing and having an active imagination about the future really can co-exist with current happiness and contentment. Yet, I realize that it’s important to not let curiosity turn into longing. Longing is never good. It suggests that something is missing…and there might be, but it’s definitely not in the dwelling category in the life of my family. I’ve found that my small house fantasies increase when my life gets more hectic. Work commitments/kid taxi schedule/weekend plans = more time on the couch with Tiny House Swoon on the laptop.

So, for now I’ve decided that it’s okay to window shop where these teeny tiny abodes are concerned. It’s entertainment and also plants teeny tiny seeds of thought for the future.

Surf on!



28 thoughts on “Who else fantasizes about living in a tiny house?

  1. Yes, I too have the same fantasy! Love these small (and manageable!) places. But… for the time, I too, live in a farm house on an old dairy farm. Can’t hurt to dream though…

  2. I can relate also! Maybe not a tiny house but definitely small and the desire seems to pop up when the busyness and clutter of life are greatest. But with 8 children, homeschooling, lots of their sports gear and musical instruments, it won’t be happening anytime soon…..I guess we already live “small” for a large family – four bedrooms, one bathroom, compact kitchen etc. So like you I focus on being content and grateful, whatever my circumstances.

  3. I love it! It’s a dream. Hard to live like this in the US and still live in populated areas. Codes get in the way as this country wants us to support that “bigger is better” theme. European kitchens vs US kitchens are the proof. Still can dream!

    • I know about dreaming 🙂 There are a lot of people who let friends live in tiny houses out my way in Portland, OR. This state is such a leader in the tiny house movement. We even have a group of four tiny houses in a group in a neighborhood in the city–it’s used as a hotel! How cool is that?

    • Ooooo—send pictures, please. I have a Montana fantasy…always have. We’re planning a motorcycle trip up there when our kids are at camp. I fear I might not leave–but the winters would kill me. I’m a big weenie! Seriously—I need some visuals on your place 🙂

      • Oh you bet I will! You will love it here and the winters are brutal. But no worse than So. Oregon where I live now, but not for long. Being on a motorcycle is the only way to travel! 😀

      • Are you in Portland? I live on acreage in the country…I so miss the city. We used to live in Hollywood in a cute little love nest. Yes—the hub and I feel the most free when cruising down small back roads on his bike. I hope we can do this into old age. It has become such an important activity for our marriage!

      • No, I live in the So. Part of Oregon, near Medford. I do know there’s a tiny house movement in Portland. We visit there often, but wouldn’t live there. Neither hubby or I like the big city. Been there, done that, ain’t going back…LOL
        I envy you 😀

  4. I am obsessed with building my very own tiny house. I have seen them over the years but it was never realistic in my situation. But now I am newly divorced and can do anything I want dammit! LOL In the last couple of months though I’ve had this uncontrollable urge to purge everything I own and go minimalistic. I have some logistics to work out but I hope soon, very soon, I can begin the next wonderful chapter of my life of living a simple, healthy, clutter free, rent free, minimalist life.

    I fantasize about this daily!

  5. Ha, halfway through this article, I had to check that I wasn’t the author. I fantasize daily about simplifying my life and moving into my own tiny house… and then I berate myself over my impracticality and lack of gratitude. And yet, I always have a tab opened on my phone’s web browser specifically for Tiny House Swoon. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one. 🙂

    • That made me laugh out loud—checking that I wasn’t the author. I hear you on the self-berating when it comes to decisions that are opposite of the direction I’m hoping to go. My daughters always look at me like I have three heads when they see my tiny house sites open. I do think it’s normal to yearn for it when you’re trying to simplify and I try not question my sanity. ‘Glad you’re there too!

  6. Oh my, I love your honesty and wit! Hehe! My husband and I live in a small house and although my husband puts his things everywhere.. (he’s improving though!) – living in a small space is definitely easier to clean and maintain! Not to mention, the simplicity of it all! Enjoying your posts Lara!

    • Thank you, Mel! With my hub it’s the size 14 shoes everywhere…we had to find a large storage thing for the garage (nearly killed myself with these gunboat tripping hazards). Smaller is definitely less complicated and less complicated=happiness 😉 So glad you’re reading!

      • Haha! Totally understand!!! Yes, we were looking for shoe storage as well but didn’t want to buy and just last Sunday Jase was helping his friend who is moving overseas and he gave us… An ikea shoe storage!! I nearly died with excitement! Enjoying the photos and tips u have here by the way 🙂

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